Slipstream Networks Rust Server Rules

Violation of any of the server rules can lead to a server ban which can potentially be permanent. When reporting a violation of the server rules please include in the email all information required to show the rule being broken such as an exact time in EST, images, video and audio. Please remember that Rust is a high stakes competitive game where trash talking is quite common and chat can get very heated. You may see things in chat you do not like but please only report violations of the below rules:
1) No use of any game client modifications unless they are explicitly approved for use by Facepunch. This includes but is not limited to Aimbots, ESP, Farming Bots, texture modifications and all other unapproved third party software and game modifications.
2) Do NOT call out cheaters in chat. Report them to us at immediately. Please include proof (screenshots and/or video). If called out a cheater may temporarily stop cheating making it much harder for us to catch them in the act.
3) No spamming chat in a way that is disruptive to others. This includes manually sending messages at a rate that could make it hard for others to use the chat as well as intentional spamming in way that is intended to cause disruption to other players on the server.
4) No use of in-game exploits that allow for behavior that Facepunch either does not intend or did not plan for. This generally means the exploitation of unintended issues introduced into the game code to achieve any ends outside the normally excepted path of actions. If you are unsure that something you have done or plan to do falls into this category, please contact us.
5) No misleading of other players as to what the server rules are or what behavior is acceptable. Either provide accurate information, provide no information or direct any inquiries to this official list of server rules.
6) No attempting to impersonate server admins or anyone directly associated with Slipstream Networks.

Please do *NOT* call out rule breakers, instead send an email to with proof (screenshots and/or video). Do not DM in Discord, our email is monitored 24/7 while Discord is rarely checked.